What is a shareholders’ agreement?
AA shareholders’ agreement is an agreement among a company’s shareholders that lists out and elaborates on how the company should be operated and the rights and obligations of each shareholder of said company.
What is a partnership agreement?
AA partnership is like a personal relationship. A partnership agreement is a contract between partners in a partnership which sets out the terms and condition that govern the relationship between the parties.
What do these agreements include?
ABoth shareholders’ and partnership agreements can be customized and individualized to suit the client’s business needs. These include but are not limited to the percentages of ownership of the business/company, distribution of profits and losses, job scope and duty of each party, duration of agreement, and method of termination.
Why have these agreements?
AWhen starting a business, we always hope for the best and we easily assume that nothing will go wrong in the future. However, even close friends and family members can fall out and this will result in the business suffering. Without the right legal structure to rely on, if a falling out happens, you could end up with little or nothing to show for the time and money that was invested in the company. Worse, it could end in a costly legal dispute.

Many businesses will benefit from having an agreement that governs and clarifies what the parties originally intended. This is particularly so when disputes arise as the business continues to mature and change.

A written agreement between the parties can provide for a black-and-white and set solution in resolving these issues, or at the very least, act as a reference point to assist to resolve these issues.

These agreements are critical to good business operations, especially in situations where there exists more than one owner/ proprietor. Without a good agreement, it opens possibilities and avenues whereby you may end up in court waiting for the judge to decide on what should happen to your business rather than following what was pre-determined in the agreements. The court process is also costly, time-consuming and potentially bad publicity for businesses.

Having these agreements in place demonstrates business stability. It infers that you have a vision for the future of your company and have planned ahead in order to handle any dispute easily and swiftly. This is important particularly if you are considering to have investors and/or loans from banks.

Why choose us?
AOur knowledge in the industry allows us to assist you and your business needs and assist you in every step of the way. A DIY agreement brings more risks than benefit; the wording might be ambiguous or poorly worded.

Our team walk you through the whole process of creating these agreements, from listening to your objectives and thoughts to customizing the agreement itself to suit your needs.

Does it have to be in writing?
ARemember, if it isn’t in writing, it doesn’t exist. In a dispute, with no agreement to fall and rely upon, it is essentially my-word-against-yours.

Our team will discuss with you every possible situation or contingency that goes into these agreement so as to prevent expensive and time-consuming lawsuits or hurt feelings between parties in the future.

What kinds of legal agreements should you consider when starting a business?
AIt is always advisable to have written agreements for all your contracts with relevant third parties, agents, shareholders, as well as employees. We suggest a list of agreements below which you should consider: –
a. Shareholders’ Agreement
b. Partnership Agreement
c. Employment Contracts
d. Non- Disclosure Agreement
e. Service Agreements
f. Contract for Sale & Supply of Goods
g. Website Terms of Use/ End-User License
How much does it cost?
ARM2800 + 6% SST for the whole process of drafting one agreement.